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The human factor is often overshadowed by other functions, but it’s important to remember that it’s the people who work for you that make your company what it is today. People are your greatest asset and that you need to take care of your people if you want to grow your business. Through CMC we can provide clarity through a robust HR framework since HR strategy and transformation is an essential part of engaging people to achieve corporate goals and to create an attractive work environment and a strong organizational culture. An effective HR Strategic Planning and development provides focus and guidelines for all people related issues and helps to engage everyone towards achieving goals of the organization.

Our international team of certified professional OD consultants provide world-class solutions to your organization development and restructuring needs.

HR Strategy
Employee Relations

Compensation and Benefits

Studies show that employees who have mutually respectful relationships with their employers are more likely to be happy, loyal and productive in the long-run. In addition when employees have the Compensation and benefits, employees will become more loyal to their organization and the entire organization will benefit. CMC can assist you in developing state of the art compensation and benefit studies based on the market and best practices. 

Executive Search & Psychometric Assessments

CMC helps you hire the right individuals at the right time. Our Executive Recruitment is one of our highest areas of expertise since we can provide you with a cost-effective way in finding the most talented candidates for your business. We tailor the executive search based on the demands of the role whilst considering the nature of the business, corporate culture and working practices.

Our specialized services of psychometric assessments help clients take informed decisions regarding talent acquisitions. The insight driven assessment solutions help in finding the right talent and placing them in the right roles.

Executive Search
HR Compliance Audit

HR Compliance Audit

CMC can assist in objective examination of your business’s HR policies, practices, and procedures. Our aim is to look for trouble spots and/or identify ways to improve them. We ensure compliance with current human resources laws and regulations as well as best practices.

Policies & Procedures

It can be said that the HR department and its policies and procedures are the real backbone and foundation of a company. HR Policies and Procedures are important to the success of the business since they provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness. They ensure compliance with employment legislation and inform employees of their responsibilities and the company’s expectations. CMC can assist you in developing company HR policies and procedures that is comprehensive in order for employees to be aware of all related HR issues.

Policies & Procedures
Performance Management System

Performance Management System

We believe that there are no two per­for­mance man­age­ment sys­tems will look the same since it has to be unique and spe­cif­ic to your val­ues, your goals and your pur­pose. How­ev­er, every good per­for­mance man­age­ment sys­tem seeks to work towards the improve­ment of the over­all organizational per­for­mance, while sup­port­ing per­for­mance, pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and the well­be­ing of its employees. CMC will assist you in maintaining and improving employee performance in line with an organization’s objectives, by encompassing a number of HR initiatives including KPIs and objectives, performance reviews, feedback and learning and development for your employees.

Career Development & Training and Succession Planning

Both employers and employees have a vested interest in seeing the workforce advance up the career ladder. The combination of specific job training, employee development, and a more complete career development plan requires a high level of strategic thinking and planning. While this might require some level of investment on the part of the organization, supporting career development and training, impacts the organization’s ability to attract and retain high performance employees, a combination that can lead to an organization-wide competitive advantage. CMC can develop a very effective and affordable programs that will motivate the workforce in organizations.

Career Development & Training
Digitizing the HR Function

Digitizing the HR Function & HRMS Implementation

Digital transformation in HR translates into a process of optimization that entails changing operational HR processes to become automated, data-driven and technologically sophisticated. CMC can play a major role is transforming the HR department in your organization enable people to get work done in more effective and productive way that can create an integrated employee experience in order to support their ongoing need. Digital HR Transformation and providing the needed Human Resources Management System  will create the workforce of the future, ensure better employee experience, increase accuracy in dashboards and analytics data, manage the workforce and increase efficiency and agility to meet evolving business needs.

Coaching Leaders & Teams

Coaching CEOs, C-Suite, Senior Executive, Middle Management & New Managers through Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching System.

Process optimization leads to working more efficiently. CMC can assist you in eliminating unnecessary steps, reducing errors and avoiding duplicate work which will lead to reduced costs and higher profits. 

CMC can guide you in making fundamental changes in how your business is conducted in order to cope with challenges in the marketplace today. In other words, we can align people, processes and technology with your business strategy.

CMC can manage your organizational activities by setting priorities of the business strategies, focus on resource utilization, strengthen operations, provide a sense of direction and outline measurable goals. We can evaluate current processes and identify where the company is today and where its directing to. 

CMC can help and support your organization by evaluating its current business model and transform it for better. We can develop a structured approach to reduce cost, increase productivity, decrease risk, and help improve its profitability and achieve sustainable results.

Creating the needed purposeful culture and motivated environment will make employees deliver at their best.  CMC can assess the culture and environment of your organization and take it to greater heights through the development of applied metrics to track the effectiveness of all elements of your organization.

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